The Miracle of Hydrogen Peroxide

A clean home has a way of invigorating your senses to make you feel more productive, comfortable and even safe, knowing your own little universe is looking its best. A clean home sets the tone for a productive work week or a fun filled, carefree weekend. Part of the comfort of a clean home is being aware of what is in your cleaning products and if it is safe for you, your family, and pets.

When making your own multi-use cleaning solution at home, use products that don’t emit toxic fumes or leave a residue behind. One of the best cleaning solutions you can make at home is with something that probably exists in your home – hydrogen peroxide! It can be used in more ways than just for scrapes and cuts.

Hydrogen peroxide is colorless and has oxidizing properties and works as a natural bleaching agent. The oxidizing properties react to viruses, spores, yeasts, and bacteria. All of this makes for a natural cleaning agent since it can also be found in small amounts in snow and rain.

It is important to note that although hydrogen peroxide has natural properties, it is a strong oxidant as should be used with the knowledge that at high concentrates, it can be extremely corrosive. To make your own disinfectant household spray, use 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide. Always dilute the solution by mixing 1 ounce of the hydrogen peroxide and mix with 11 ounces of water. It is excellent to use this homemade housecleaner for surface areas in the kitchen, bathroom and other areas widely used areas in your home.

There are many ways other ways that you can benefit from the use of hydrogen peroxide in your home. Many homes today have wood flooring; did you know hydrogen peroxide can be used to clean wood floors? It is important to use the right amount of hydrogen peroxide along with hot water so that your treasured flooring will not get damaged by high amounts of hydrogen peroxide. Use one cup of hydrogen peroxide 35% solution to one gallon of hot water.

The next time you’re cleaning your valued home, look in your medicine cabinet to create your own household cleaner/disinfectant today. You will save money and rest assured in knowing where your cleaning solution is made from. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the many uses of hydrogen peroxide.